Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesdays 12-23 Watch list

Sorry for the Delay in the watch list, I will be trading out on the west coast for the Christmas week, The time change will be something for me to get used to. This Monday we watched the S&P drop down thru a rising trend line on the daily chart. I discuss this down below a bit, and after further research I am not confident in the markets following through on the breakdown. We did break down today, but held a important 850-857 area. The stochastics on the daily are turning over, but are bullish on the 60 minute. Volume is light and this can add to the volatility. I rather watch the markets give a clear cut signal before i took any more position for more then an interday hold. As for scalps during the day, the SDS is one I like to follow along with the es mini. Again watch the 850 level on the S&P 500 for aupport and/or a breakdown.

The company that was handling the portfolio tracker on the site (stockalicious) has seemed to have gone under.. Thats as far as I have gathered as the portfolio page and tracker is no longer up. I will work on getting a replacement tomorrow and try to get the page up fast.

One chart i didnt get up today was the DXO the double long power shares etf on crude oil this is looking very interesting and will get the chart out tomorrow


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