Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Watch list for tomorrow Thursday Dec 18th

Really forced my self to sell some stock today into strength.


Starrting to look for a exit on MT as this has hit target today, but was still seeing strength so held it for one more day, Hope that doesn't come back to bite me

I started getting a lot of questions about play into the close a type of momentum plays, This has its benefits in trading, but the sutuation must be different then it is today. We have to have a confirmed rally where everybody is on board and at this current time, the consensus is the bottom might or might not be in, and things will get worse before they get better.

Point is? Still to risky to look for those momentum trades, Like rolling the dice. I will still search out any candidates for these type of gamb..umm trades

Thought on tomorrow? Well my IB feed is down Icant se the futures, but overall i am bullish, and feel the tide startingto turn. Soon there sould be a big wave coming. With the potential rally< i feel it will get legs with transportation index and going forward will be taregted and watching close for any building momentum.


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