Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fridays Watch list

Tomorrow Employment numbers are under the microscope of the markets, Everyone is calling for very bad report. So the big question is is the market factoring this in and what is a bad report compared to what is expected to be bad.

Here are my 3 scenarios

(Nonfarm Payrolls expected to drop ~330K) we the report comes out worse then expected by and when i mean worst I mean worst then the most bearish estimates. In this case we might get a situation on all the bad news is not pass us type of reaction.

We come in in line within estimates , In this case You might think the market might take this as bullish. It's a coin toss for me, cause it still leaves the market open for the next report and having the analyst start worrying about something new.

We have a better then expected report.. This would have to be bullish as i don't think anyone out there is expecting anything other then pain tomorrow.

I am on the fence here going into tomorrow, I feel like everyone else that the markets is do to get hit again, but my gut feeling is things are shaping up a a sizable rally, and thats why i want to continue to scale in to the right type of stocks, and continue to hedge until we get a real decision. below are some of the stocks I will be">

AAPL short set up as Stochastics are getting overbought
MT Looking to add on "any " pullback
QCOM started position waiting for next signal
EBAY very bullish and looking for 14+SNDK possible move down to 7.50 i would look to buy
ORA new on watchlist Inverted H&S
WFMI Lookingto Add
PTR watching oil for entry


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